Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Detective Riley’s First Case, a book about cops that both men and women will like.
            My novel, Detective Riley’s First Case is due out in July, 2013, published by booklocker.com. You’ll like it…
        IF you’re a cop, because it’s a cop story, about a fired homicide detective, Riley, who gets handed the toughest case of his life by the White House: find the nuclear bomb terrorists have hidden in Manhattan.
            IF you like beautiful women who like to be spanked, because the heroine, Secret Service Agent Casey, is such a woman, in a lesbian relationship with her psychiatrist, who wears a riding crop in her boot. The White House sends Casey with Riley as bodyguard and undercover wife, and a good thing they did because her idea to foil the terrorist plot is so ingenious you hope our government considers it if we ever face the real thing.
            IF you like dogs, because Riley’s black lab, Irish, goes on the White House assignment with them and when they run into deadly danger proves his worth.
            IF you are the kind of reader who, when they finish a book, would like to let the author know what they thought of it, because I provide my email address at the end for that purpose.
            I hope you buy the book from booklocker.com ($2.99 for the e-book, $14.95 for the paperback, and $24.95 for the hardback) or your favorite book store, but either way, I look forward to your comments.   
            If, after reading, you care to write a review, send it to me with permission to publish on this blog (and hopefully permission to use in my advertising, along with the permission to use your name) and, no matter how insulting,  unless it is outside the bounds of good taste, I will make an effort to publish it here.

Brian O’Brien